Been AWOL.

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I have been AWOL lately.  MIA.  Sorry.

In fact, I have been on the go from the time I last wrote, until right now.  We left New Zealand back in August, and came to the UK via Hong Kong, and are staying with relatives while we are here.  Needless to say, with hubby and me, five kids and my in-laws, we are living under reasonably cramped conditions right now. Then there’s the issue of trying to get some space to myself for five minutes?  Nigh on impossible!  As you can imagine, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for any creative juices to flow.  It also doesn’t leave much time to write anything, even if the creativity was in full flood.

Never mind, I’m here now, and we have done a fair amount since I last wrote.  It will all be here in short order.

In the meantime, I am taking on a 10 day blog challenge, all about living a life of freedom.  I’ll post those as I write them too.

Hope you’ve had a great summer, those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, and for those in the South; see you again soon, and here’s to Spring.

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