Day 9 Challenge: Being location independent.

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Being location independent is really important for us as a family.

In fact, we have been location independent for 12 years now.  Well, semi independent, anyway.  Up until the last couple of years, we’ve been remotely working for a UK company, and so hubby had to work nights for a while in NZ, so that he could work UK hours.  Now that we have outsourced that work, he doesn’t work nights anymore.  This has freed up time for us to look at starting new ventures.

We are about to embark on a lifestyle of slow traveling.  With five kids, we really don’t want to be changing location every week or two.  And neither do we want to be in a place for such a short length of time that we have to go out sight seeing every day, in order to cram everything in to our itinerary.


We plan to stay in each place for between 3 and 6 months.  Preferably closer to six, but it will depend on whether we are on a tourist visa, or are legally allowed to stay for a longer period of time.  That means we can have normal life; schooling the kids, and working at our businesses, and enjoying a slow pace of life.  We can then do the tourist thing once or twice a week.

Disneyland Hong Kong

It will work something like this.  After breakfast, we will get the kids doing their school work and hubby and I will take turns in being the teacher.  The other one of us will then be free to do whatever work we need to.  By lunchtime the school work should be finished, and hubby and I will both have done what we need to.  Then the afternoons will be free to do whatever we like.  That might be swimming and snorkelling.  it might be shopping, or it might be lazing on the beach all afternoon.  It might be going sightseeing and learning more about the place we are staying.  The options are endless.

Up until recently, our location independence was kind of a two-edged sword.  It was great being able to live where we wanted, and move when we wanted, but we still had the mindset that we should settle somewhere.  And being able to move made us restless.  We saw it as a problem, because everyone around us saw it as a problem.  They thought we should settle, and that there was something wrong with us because we couldn’t.

Now we have learned to embrace the travel bug and the itchy feet, and we’ve told family and friends we’ll probably never settle anywhere.  At the very least we’ll have bases in two or three countries, and travel between them.

Anyway, the future is looking exciting, and now we can intentionally move around, which is great.

We don’t need to come up with reasons why we can’t settle in such and such a place.  We can embrace our wanderlust, and go wherever the wind blows.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9


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