Day 10. Celebrating Freedom!

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Ok, let’s just take a quick pause here to celebrate freedom, or at least to celebrate moving towards freedom.

Today is the last day of the 10 day blog challenge, and I am proud to say that I have completed it!  All 10 days!  And while travelling through a billionty zillionty different time zones.

My time zone is now 11 hours ahead of the one I left a few days ago, and along the way we have had a tour of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, and a night in a hotel there, two 11 hours flights, and one domestic one.  All with five young kids.  But we did it!  We pulled it off in style, with no undue stress, and everyone is still smiling.  Or sleeping.  Four of the kids are still asleep.  But that’s cool.  At least the jet lag didn’t cause them to wake up at some ridiculous hour this morning.

Annnnyway, moving on.

My favourite day of this challenge was…ta daaaa….Day 2.  The reasons why I want to live this lifestyle.  It was great.  Day 2 made me focus, made me write down something definite for why we do what we do, and that is something to remember on the days that we are jet lagged, or feel as though we are just wandering around with no real purpose.

The main thing I have taken away from all this is a change of mindset.

We always felt as though we would start this lifestyle at some vague point in the future.  Admittedly, up until seven weeks ago, I had a bunch of horses at home which stopped me from going anywhere because I had to look after them every day.  But…I had still chosen that.  It wasn’t by default.  Having those horses for 18 months also showed me that I value the freedom to travel at the drop of a hat, far more than trying to recreate my days (pre-kids) as a professional horse rider.  So I rehomed them all, and the following week we were on a plane.

And now I have no excuses.  We are living this lifestyle NOW.  Even being back at home again, we can live our perfect day every day.  Hubby and I can still get our work done in the mornings, and we can still get the school work finished by lunch time.  We can spend the afternoons with the kids, going to the beach, going on walks, exploring new nooks and crannies of the area we live in.  And we can do it all NOW.

We don’t have to wait.

So thank you Natalie Sisson.  Thank you for this challenge, which has made me refocus and realise that it’s what I am doing right now that counts.  Not living for some day in the future, but living now.


The really cool thing is that everyone can do it.  Whether you have already achieved your dream lifestyle or not, you can start living it now.  By this I mean that everyone can have a mindset shift right now.  Everyone is able to start planning, and start making changes.  Each person is able to start taking control of their own life, and start steering it in the direction of their choice.  All they need is determination, a plan, and the will to take action.  One step at a time we can all start moving towards freedom.  It’s the mind set that is crucial.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

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