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Cable Bay, NZ.
Cable Bay, NZ.


So, welcome back to my travel blog!  I had started this blog a while back, but shut it down when life became too busy for me to keep up with writing.

But now it seems as though things are under control again.

That, along with the fact that we are a constantly wandering family who have another big trip coming up, made me think that it might be time to start waxing lyrical again.

For those of you who don’t know, we have been on New Zealand’s south island since April, and it has been amazing!  (Even though we did choose to be here over the NZ winter).

Now, I understand that there are plenty of people who think we’re nuts, and that’s cool.  Half the time, I think we’re nuts too!

Actually, I dropped in to see my (field) hockey coach the other day, because I am being refunded some money due to leaving halfway through the season.  He asked, “Don’t you, you know, like, ever think of settling?”

I realised we have a different mindset than most, when I replied in all seriousness…  “Well, not right now, but we did stay put for eighteen months in one stretch once.”

He rolled his eyes and laughed out loud.

And then I told him we’d only stayed put for such a long period of time, because we’d had horses and they’d stopped us from going anywhere.

The laughter stopped, and he shook his head instead, with that, “Now I know you’re totally nuts,” kind of look plastered all over his face.

Anyway, we are a family of seven, and we like to travel.  A lot.  Our kids are just at the age where things are starting to become a bit easier, especially now that our youngest is almost four, and completely stroller free.

Oh, and we also manage to fit all of our ‘stuff’ into five suitcases these days (a far cry from when we started out), and so logistically things are getting better.

We used to have to check in thirteen pieces of luggage (plus carry on bags) every time we went anywhere, because between us we had seven suitcases, five car seats and a stroller.  But we are down to five suitcases, two car seats, and a half booster now, so it’s a breeze.

Now that we’re down to five smallish suitcases, we can also hire a ‘normal’ seven-seater, well a seven-seater with a decent sized boot (trunk?), anyway.  Sure beats hiring a monster bus or van everywhere we go.

There was the time when we hired a twelve-seater minibus, and got it stuck on the side of a hill with the nose hanging over an almost sheer drop.  I think the hubby thought I was trying to get rid of him so I could scoop up the life insurance.  The rescue was a bit of a nerve-wracking mission, and maybe I’ll tell that story another time.  In hindsight it’s quite funny.  Not so much at the time, though.

So, back on track.  We are currently in the middle of packing, which really just means, ‘a state of chaos’.  And we will be boarding the plane after four more sleeps, so this Friday.

We have three flights to get to where we are going, but have an overnight layover in San Francisco en route.  I’m looking forward to that actually.  An afternoon by the swimming pool and a decent sleep, will go down really well in between flights.

There are a real load of exciting things we plan to do in our time in the US.  At the moment though, the top place on the list has to go to the total solar eclipse which will be able to be seen in all its beautiful totality, about an hour and a half away from where we’ll be staying.  So yes, we’ll be making that teensy little road trip, and we’ll get to see the total eclipse.

So excited, because it truly is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity!

Anyway, I plan to blog about this, and all our other adventures, hopefully on a regular kind of basis, so please feel free to subscribe and come with us on our travels.

I also have a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kezpAZqsc2S92gKweMOgA , where I will be vlogging, so again, feel free to subscribe and hang out with us there.

For now, the packing continues…

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