Things Happy People Do Differently.

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I reckon there are two types of people in the world: those who choose to be happy, and those who choose to be unhappy.

That may seem like a bit of a blanket statement, but it’s true.

I have been both of those types of people.

At one time, I was the person who thought happiness would be mine when x,y,z happened.  In other words, I was waiting for something to happen to me, to make me happy.  And until x,y,z happened, I couldn’t be happy.

And most of us are guilty of this way of thinking at some point in our lives.  Waiting for something to happen to make us happy; waiting for life to begin when a,b,c falls into place.

What we don’t realise, when we are spending all our energy thinking this way, is that happiness is an inside job.  It comes from within.

Here are 15 things that happy people do differently:

They practice gratitude.

When we appreciate what we have, what we have appreciates in value.  And when we are grateful for what we already have, we are able to develop a deeper sense of contentment, instead of always worrying about what we don’t have all the time.

Gratitude changes our focus, and makes us much nicer people to be around.

Happy people are optimistic.

Honestly, the happy person is the one who will find a way to put an optimistic spin on something, or who will try and see an experience as a way of learning something new.

Life is not something that happens to them; it is a series of experiences through which they learn, and do better next time.

They forgive.

They let stuff go.

The person who doesn’t let things go, is the one who is miserable.  Holding a grudge only hurts the one holding it.  In fact, the other person probably doesn’t even know you’ve got this thing against them.  It only hurts the one who bears the grudge, because they sit stewing over it and wasting energy on it.

Let it go.  Become happy.  Free up some energy to put to better use.  You’ll never regret it.
Happy people don’t sweat the small stuff.

There are things worth getting worked up over, and things that aren’t.

Don’t waste time and energy stressing over the little things.

Happy people are the ones who know when to just roll off them like water off a duck’s back.

They accept what cannot be changed.

Happy people accept the things that cannot be changed.

Like the past.  And themselves.

Happy people are accepting of themselves, with the gifts and passions that they have.  They don’t need to be like someone else; they realise that they can’t be the same as anyone else.  As such, they are content to be the best possible versions of themselves, and to make the most of the gifts and talents that they do have.

Happy people do not seek approval from others.

They are people who have accepted themselves, and they are the ones who find they no longer need the approval of others.  Not needing the approval of others is truly a liberating thing; it brings freedom and happiness.

Happy people choose their friends wisely.

They realise that surrounding themselves with negative, discouraging people, whose lives are filled with drama, will only drag them down to that level.

So they consciously find friends who are optimistic, encouraging and happy themselves.  Being surrounded by these kinds of people is a truly uplifting experience.

They live in the moment.

Living in the past and thinking over mistakes we have made, can be a cause of depression.  Let it go.

Over thinking the future can lead to anxiety, so again, let it go.

Happy people are the ones who are able to live in the present, enjoying each moment, and living it to the full.  They are the ones who embrace the emotions and ups and downs of life, experiencing and accepting them fully, as part of this exciting roller coaster of life which we are all on.

Happy people see challenges as opportunities.

They don’t see a challenge as a problem.  Instead they see a challenge as a way of stretching themselves, of learning something new, and as a way of progressing in life.

We all have challenges.  It’s how we view the challenge that makes all the difference to how happy we are.

Happy people take 100% responsibility for their own lives.

A happy person is one who understands that they are where they are in life because of the decisions they have made along the way.

Life doesn’t just ‘happen’ to us.  We chose the lives we have, because of the decisions we made or omitted to make.

Our lives are the way they are because we made them this way.

And a happy person is one who understands this, accepts the responsibility, and uses this as a catalyst to propel them forward in life.  They use this knowledge to start making better decisions.  And they know that God/the universe is not out to get them anymore.  They know that God is not favouring one person or another, because they have taken responsibility for their life.

Which means they also have the power to change it.  This realisation is also a very liberating one.

They take care of their health.

Happy people realise it’s easier to feel happy when you feel healthy.  So they pay attention to what food they put in their stomachs, and they make sure they exercise.

Feeling good brings contentment and positivity to one’s life.

Happy people have balance in their lives.

They know that it is important to have a good balance between work, rest, play and spirituality.

We are multi-faceted people, and as such it is important to have balance in each area.

Balance brings happiness.  Too much emphasis on one area makes us unbalanced and less happy.

Happy people dream big.

They are unafraid to dream, and to dream big.  They are confident in their ability to achieve whatever they set their sights on, because they are optimistic, grateful types of people, and because they see challenges as opportunities.

Having a generally optimistic view of life, gives a person the confidence to dream big, and feeling that we have the power to make our dreams reality, brings happiness.

They live and let live.

Happy people don’t feel the need to make judgements of others all the time.  They are able to see that everybody is on their own path in life; and that everybody has their own issues to deal with and overcome, and as such they are able to think and speak more kindly of others.

And, they live by the golden rule.

They are respectful to others, and treat others the way they themselves would wish to be treated.


So, there you have it.  My list of things happy people do differently.

No new ‘stuff’ needed.  And no waiting for something to happen which is going to bring contentment and happiness.

Just a change of mindset, and the realisation that happiness is an inside job, a way of thinking, and a state of being.  It is not dependent on external forces, but internal.

And it’s something we can start to change today, if we want to.


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