The Reasons We Homeschool Our Kids.

The Colosseum, Rome.
The Colosseum, Rome.

I may have mentioned it a time or two before, but I have five kids who I homeschool.

What do you think the most common reaction is, when people meet us?  If you thought it would be, “How on earth do you manage to homeschool?  You must be a saint,” you would almost be right.  That part question, part statement is up there in the list of most common reactions.

The other reaction is the one I get when people don’t even get past the bit about my having five kids; the homeschooling part doesn’t even register on their radar.  Those are the people who say, “Five kids?  Five.  And all with the same husband?”  Erm, yes.

And here is where I apologize to the ladies in Hong Kong, who I may have mistakenly misled.

We were waiting in a mob (there was no orderly line-up for this), for a 3D show at Disneyland in Hong Kong, when some of the ladies noticed that we had five children with us.  So one of the ladies holds up five fingers, with a questioning look on her face.  “Five?  Five?”

“Yes, five,” I nod my head with a big grin on my face.

The ladies whispered together for a few seconds, then turned back to me.  “How many?”

So I held up five fingers again, and with the same big grin, told them, “Five.”

“Ooohhhh.”  Smiles all round.  A pitying glance at my husband.  No more questions.

Apparently, as my husband informed me later, they were not just confirming the amount of kids; they were asking how many husbands, and I had told them five.  No wonder they looked like they wanted to hug my hubby.  They obviously thought I’d be moving him along soon to pave the way for number six!

So yes, five children, one husband.  And we homeschool.

We don’t often get asked why we homeschool.  Mostly we get statements about why the person we are talking to, just couldn’t do it.  Usually because they think they just wouldn’t have the patience, or because the kids drive them nuts over the school holidays, and they just can’t wait to ship them back off to school at the start of the new term.

Our Reasons To Homeschool:

Anyway, we home school because we want flexibility and freedom.  My whole mission in life, along with my husband, is for us to live a life of freedom.  We want to be able to pack up whenever we want, and go where we want.  We want to be able to stay there for however long we want to, before we decide where to go next.  And we also want to be able to get on a plane and go and spend time with our families, without having to worry about pulling the kids out of school.

We want our kids to be properly socialized, and no, I don’t believe that school provides this.  I want our kids to be able to get on with people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, not just their school peers.

And I want them to be able to pursue their dreams from a young age.

How many people in their 40s are still trying to ‘find themselves’?  Maybe it’s because going to school and following a one-size-fits-all way of learning, squashed their individuality, and put a lid on their own creativity and dreams.  Now at the age of 40 or so, they still don’t know who they are.

I want our kids to follow their passions from a young age, and to try anything they are interested in learning.  Hopefully they will know themselves well, and hopefully it won’t take until their 40s before they do.

But it’s still more than that.

We want to be able to learn about Rome, and then visit the place ourselves.  Or learn about megalithic structures before seeing them in person.  We want to experience different places, different cultures, different ways of doing things.  We want to laze on a beach one week, and be learning to ski the week after.  Perhaps after that we could learn to sail.

We want to be free to travel for business, and do this as a family, so that the kids can learn about the different aspects of running a business, and so that they can learn to spot opportunities when they come.  And we want to explore together, learn together, discover, dream and create together.  We want to be part of their lives while they are growing up, and build a bond with them that will echo through a thousand lifetimes.  And we want to share experiences with them, build memories with them; be friends with them as they grow older and we grow old.

We want to spend our time enjoying and loving these beautiful people we created, and we don’t want to miss their childhoods, because those years are few and short.  And we can never get them back.

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