The Super Nak family.


Hi.  My name is Nikki, but you can call me Super Nak.  Just kidding.  It’s a bit tongue in cheek really, and the name kind of evolved due to the fact that I’m a mother of five.  Actually no, let’s redefine that slightly; I am a home schooling mother of five, who likes to travel a lot with all the kids in tow, and I haven’t pulled all of my hair out…yet.

I started out as Nikki, but when I met my hubby, that morphed into Nik Nak.  Then I discovered a phenomenon; many times when I would make a new acquaintance, they would remark that I must be Supermom because of the number of kids I have, or because I home school, or because we travel.  And then my cousin started calling me bionic woman; so plain old Nik Nak got her halo and got upgraded to Super Nak.  So you can bet I feel really special now, right?  Because of course, being Super Nak means that I don’t have to load the dishwasher three times daily anymore, or fold laundry.  Hmm, or keep up with the general chaos that is five kids.  Well, in my dreams, at least.

This blog is all about the trials and challenges, triumphs and successes of our journey as a family.  It is about how we started with nothing, and have built the life of our dreams.  It is about how we have found a new dream for this next chapter of our lives, and are about to embark on creating that, too.  And along the way, I hope that it will inspire the odd person here and there, to believe that they can bring their own dreams into the realms of reality, and to have to courage to do just that.

Anyway, feel free to dive on in and have a browse, and even leave a comment if you want.